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We are family owned business founded in beautiful Central Oregon. We have implemented an Independent Breeding program to be able to bring our Whelps to more people Worldwide.

Our two other breeders/owners are located in Michigan and Texas! 

We started exploring the Aussie world of Color, size and bone structure strictly through our Genetic breeding program.  We are so excited to bring you so many different color options and sizes for your family.

We raise our dogs in family settings, so whelps are exposed to various socializations such as children, other dogs of various ages, cats, cows, horses, chickens, deer, elk, antelope, wild pigs, and coyotes. As we continue to progress and improve, we will be adding full training options for our clients, older canines to adopt, therapy canine and so much more.

We specialize in TeaCup, Toy and Miniature sizes of Australian Shepherds, with a firm belief in providing quality dogs, not quantity.  Our focus from the founding of our breeding program, continues to be CHARACTER, CONFORMATION AND COLOR. 

We do not line breed, our dogs have wonderful calm temperaments and they are very easy to train.  They are handled and loved from day one in a calm, tender environment and then they are passed on to you with knowledge that will ensure a loving companion and family dog for life!