Waggin On

Wiggle Butt Aussies

This is 'Bubba' as we like to call  him because he is a big boy, 15 inches tall, but very solid big bone, and he is so sweet, he loves to put his nose right into the crook of your neck and just hug you.  He is going to be a great family dog, and he is very low keyed, layed back and just happy boy.  He will not grow any taller he is just going to fill out more and he has a beautiful coat of hair coming in right now. 



This is 'Funny Boy' because he just does some of the funniest things and he keeps us laughing all the time! He is a Black Tri Harliquin with one blue eye and one brown eye and he is just plain gorgeous with all his wild white markings.  Great bloodlines as explained below on his brother, he though is a Miniature Australian Shepherd and is 14 inches tall.  But that is as big as he will get he is done growing on his height, now he is going through his coat changes and maturing.  He does have one blue eye and one brown eye, but the blue eye also has a part of brown in it, but his eyes are very cool looking.


Above is 'Yodi' who is the sweetest little boy, he is currently standing at 12 1/2 inches, and will indeed stay that height as he is 7 1/2 months old.  He is a great Toy for any family, he loves everyone and he likes to go for walks or runs, he likes to play with cats and has been socialized with older dogs and he gets along with them all great.  He is up to date on all his vaccines and wormer. He has a full white collar but it is hard to see in this picture, lots of copper points and ticking everywhere he is one good looking boy.  His price is set for Pet Quality, However he is out of champion and international champion bloodlines so he could definitely be used for a breeder, but the price will be different.


Black Tri Toy Male - SOLD
Black Tri Toy Female - SOLD
Blue Eyed Black Tri Toy Female- SOLD
Reversed Black Tri Miniature Female - SOLD
Red Tri Male Toy 12inches - SOLD