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So another exciting addition coming soon to our site is going to be a product page and let me tell you it is going to have some very original and fun things to buy for your perfect little Aussie.




We have many new exciting things happening here at WOW Butts!

The biggest change is we have expanded across the US, we now have our dogs based in Michigan and Texas!  How this will work is our Michigan Breeder will be delivering and handling the East coast. 

 Our Texas breeder coming on for the 2019 year will be handling all MID US states and of course our home base in Oregon will cover the West Coast and Alaska.  

Please stay tuned to our Website as we will be moving all our puppies to the website now that we have consistent internet and web editing to be done.

We are very busy with products and uploading them to the product page, we hope to launch all of our exciting new pages here in the near future.  As always you can still view puppies and reach us through Facebook, however we will no longer be selling puppies through that page, we ask everyone to now contact us off our website.

Check out our puppy adoption page for our latest miniature and toy Australian Shepherds

 and keep checking back as we will be adding more at different times of the year!


  4 sale page


                    If there is something specific you are looking for in a Miniature or

                 Toy Australian Shepherd, please shoot us an email and we will
               see what we can do,   we look forward to hearing from you soon,


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              Scroll down to enjoy some pictures of our past and present puppies ;0)

Tweed Blue Merle Cody Cowboy