Waggin On

Wiggle Butt Aussies

This is Buddy, and he is available he is a miniature Blue Merle Tweed with two blue eyes.  He is absolutely gorgeous!  He is a perfect Breeder, Great Bloodlines, and very sweet and loving.

His Pet Price is $800.  Contact us for the Breeder Price.  Thank you!

Little Red Roper is a toy Red Merle with amazing markings great bone and conformation, you would never think of him as a toy, but he stands at 10inchs tall and he will not grow any taller.

He loves people, children, cats, bigger dogs, and his favorite thing is to just be by your side and do whatever it is  you ask of him, he is a real pleaser.

He is fast, so he would be a great 4H project for agility.


This Beautiful Blue Merle Female is a toy as well she at 5 months of age is just under 12 inches and she has found her forever home with the Mast Family.