Waggin On

Wiggle Butt Aussies

This is 'Sparky' as we like to call him, he is a beautifully marked Red Tri Toy Australian Shepherd.  He is now 5 months old and he stands at just under 12inches.  He is loosing his baby hair and has a dark Red Liver adult coat coming that is just gorgeous.  He is extremely loveable and outgoing, will go to anyone and he is a very happy puppy.  Loves to play, and boy can he run fast, so if your looking for a running partner he would be your guy ;-)

Both him and his sister come from superior blood lines that include Champion and International Champions.  He could be shown, he can go in any activity you would like, agility he would love, but he likes to herd as well, your options would be wide open.


Super Cool Toy Australian Shepherd Female with beautiful copper, tans, chocolate and Dark Red Liver all topped off with nice white.  SOLD