Waggin On

Wiggle Butt Aussies

This precious purebred Toy Australian Shepherd is ready to go to her forever home.  She has had all her vaccines for the year and her wormer.  If you want her to have a rabies vaccine then you will need to take her to your vet as they are the only ones allowed to administer it.  This cutie was born on the 14th of April and she currently stands 9 1/2 inches tall and weighs about 8lbs.  She is not going to get much bigger, maybe another inch taller and the weight all depends on you as her owners and how her exercise program is, because they can definitely bulk out.  She loves to give you hugs that are to die for and she is use to playing with larger dogs and cats.  SOLD.
RTM SOLD TOY Australian Shepherd
BTF Toy Pure Bred Australian Shepherd SOLD
BTF Toy Australian Shepherd SOLD