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First, We would like to say 'Thank You' in advance of your purchase from us!
Now for some particulars, for any puppy/dog that you would like to purchase, we require a deposit of $250.  This can be paid by money order, PayPal, wire transfer or Cash.  For the final payment you may pay with PayPal, Money Order or Cash.  All money paid towards the purchase of puppy/dog is non-refundable and non-transferable for any reason.  If we are holding a specific puppy/dog for you, then we cannot sell him/her to anyone else and we cannot transfer to other litters as we would loose potential sales while the puppy was marked sold.
Our standard policy is that we do not take deposits on unborn puppies, but we will take deposits for people to have the first pick of  the litter of puppies that have been marked or decided upon by WOW Butt Aussies as sale puppies and will not be retained by our Kennel for future breeders or show dogs.  We do not have a set price on puppies as all of them are priced after they are born and their eyes have opened up.  Our average prices start at $500 and can go as high as $2500.  At the time of the sale, we will take either half down or $250 as deposit, whichever is the least amount.   Our prices are usually very competitive and fair for the quality of dog you are purchasing.  All puppies,dogs are sold as Pet Quality and they all come with registration papers from the American Stock Dog Registry. 

As for shipping costs, they will vary depending on where the puppy/dog is being shipped to, but you can figure on an average of $350, which includes the Health Certificate, Shipping Crate, and the shipping cost.
Please make sure you look at our contract below as all purchases of a puppy/dog made through us will show as your agreement with our contract whether it is signed or not.
Thank you !
Management of
WOW Butt Aussies