Waggin On

Wiggle Butt Aussies

Little Man here is an adorable Toy Australian Shepherd.  He is show quality, has incredible bone, nice big muzzle, he is dark red liver with deep copper white collar and just overall great markings.  He looks like he is a big puppy but he currently stands at only 8 inches tall.


This girl is a Blue Merle Harlequin Tweed, with one blue eye and one brown eye, full white collar and gorgeous facial markings with a merle lozenge on the top of her head. 
 She is currently PENDING, and her price is $1200.

Adorable Black Tri Harlequin Female Miniature Australian Shepherd puppy.  She has one blue eye and one brown eye and she is going to be a beautiful puppy as she has such amazingly wild white markings all over, deep copper points along with tan and black copper ticking on her face and legs.

She has an incredible pedigree, she is being sold at a pet level, but she can definitely go into someone's breeding program, but breeder pricing is different.


Beautiful Blue eyed Blue Merle Female, with full white collar.   SOLD

Show quality all the way this boy is marked so well and he is a striking Dark Red Liver Tri with a full white collar and gorgeous face markings, almost perfect hour glass with deep coppers and tans everywhere on him.

He is like all of them out of Superior blood lines and the sky is the limit with him, he is just a perfect Miniature Australian Shepherd!